This week in our Tuesday morning circle, Ruth T. told us about Saint Martin. Saint Martin is known for helping the poor. One day while he was riding, he met a beggar. The beggar was dressed in rags, so Martin cut his long cloak in half and gave one half to the beggar. Today in Europe, St. Martin’s day is celebrated with a large procession on November 11th. In the procession, children holding paper lanterns follow a man dressed as St. Martin riding a horse. We have a picture of St. Martin in our Centre, because the creek that goes by our house also goes past St. Martin’s church and is called St. Martin’s Creek by some.

After our lesson about Saint Martin, we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Julia.

On Tuesday and Wednesday mornings everybody worked in his or her workshops. In the afternoons we broke in to our eurythmy, walking, singing, painting, reading and writing groups.

This week in our Thursday morning college, we talked about fairy tales.
We started off by talking about our childhood memories of various fairy tales. Then Ruth asked us what images we see in ‘Hansel and Gretel’. Some answered that they saw the gingerbread house that is made out of sugar and candy. Others said they saw the stable, the oven, and the witch. Some mentioned seeing Hansel and Gretel in the dark forest. After we had finished talking about the images of our fairy tale, Ruth told us that this tale has a lot of thresholds. She told us that the play starts in darkness and ends in lightness.

After a short break we practiced our bell playing for our performance.

On Friday morning, one group practiced their bell playing and the other groups worked in their workshops. In the afternoon, we had a good bye party for Max who visited us from Austria to do his social service block for school.