This week from Monday until Wednesday, we prepared for our Halloween party. Our theme was Old Macdonald’s Farm so our basket workshop was transformed into a barn, which had a horse, chickens and a cow named Daisy.

Our Hallowe’en House

Halloween night our companions, coworkers, and parents came to our party dressed in farm animal costumes. Melina served hot apple cider and Felix taught everybody how to use the sparklers.

Shayan sparkles!

Also this week we welcomed two new co-workers, Max from Austria and Golbiz from Cologne, Germany.

On Thursday morning in college, we celebrated All Souls Day by lighting a candle for family, friends and relatives who passed away. Then Ruthtalked to us about All Saints day. She told us about the different saints like Saint Anthony and Saint Francis.

After a short break one group practiced bells for our fairy tale and another group did bowling. In the afternoon we played with music with Forrest.

On Friday morning, we returned to our normal workshops.
In the afternoon, some companions went swimming and others stayed back and sang with Forrest.