This week at Cascadia from Wednesday until Friday, we prepared for our Halloween party. Every morning the workshops had different tasks to prepare for the party. The basket workshop built a whale and turned their workshop into a cave with hanging fish. The garden workshop built a tunnel and a ship. To decorate Cascadia House, we carved pumpkins, put up our famous spider and cut out different water spirits.
Halloween Party – October 31, 2015
On Saturday night our families and friends came to our annual Halloween party. This year’s theme was ‘water’ also known as ‘under the sea.’ Jeff, our master of ceremonies, led the children through our dark but lit tunnel filled with pumpkins. Then they entered the basket workshop that was turned into a sea cave where children were welcomed by Gundula, the sea spirit. The children could go inside the whale for a blessing. Once they were out of the sea cave , the children had boat races. Across from the boat races stood an old ship covered with vegetables, sea weed and a big fish carved out of an eighty two pound pumpkin. Also in the boat, King Neptune (Jason) and his apprentice (Anthony) gave out bags of popcorn. In the garden area, we had a pirate who played soft music on his guitar and nearby was a beautiful hula dancer. During the rest of the party, our witches served hot apple cider. Ruth T danced around the mosaic dressed up as a sea snake. We had a wonderful Halloween week and party. We hope to see you next year.

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