This week in our Monday morning circle we sang Happy Birthday to Marianne. Ruth T. and Marianne told us about their past in Switzerland. They told us that they went to the same school and they lived thirty minutes away from each other. They use to take the same transit.

Then Ruth T. told us what is going to happen on the day of our performance. After that Monique introduced us to our new coworker Rosalie, and a visitor Evan, his teacher Jill and his mother Linda.

In the afternoons, we tried on our costumes and we practiced the first scene of our fairy tale. Tuesday, while we were practicing for our fairy tale, the North Shore news photographer came and took pictures of us in our costumes.

This week in our Thursday morning college, John talked to us about the ash tree. We learned that the ash tree is the tree for Sunday and also it is connected to the sun. John told us that the tree grows to 140 feet high and the roots grow to 30 feet below the ground. The colours of the leaves are mostly golden yellow. The wood of the tree is used for making musical instruments like guitars, drums and lyres. John also told us that in last year’s Christmas play, the staff was made out of ash. After our lesson about the ash tree, John played a native American song about the ash tree on his drum that was made out of ash.

The wonderful ash tree

The wonderful ash tree

After a short break we practiced for our fairy tale with the bell choir.

In the afternoon some companions went for a walk and everybody else practiced for the fairy tale

On Friday morning, the co-workers and companions practiced their bell playing with Lorna. In the afternoon a small group went for a walk and everybody else prac ticed for our play.

We have been working very hard rehearsing for our play ‘The Seven Ravens’ and we are looking forward to our performance on Friday, the 29th of November. We hope to see you at Kay Meek Theatre. Our performances are at 11:00 a.m., 1:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.