Our family and friends came to this year’s fairy tale performance of the ‘Queen Bee’ by the Brothers Grimm. To start off Lorna’s choir from VWS and our bell choir sang and played a piece called ‘Deep Peace’ by Bill Douglas. After that Patricia read a poem called ‘The Green Man’ and some of the companions, coworkers and Waldorf school students did eurythmy to the ‘Green Man’ poem. Then the audience listened to a beautiful piano piece called ‘Le Sapin” played by Alison Roberts. Some eurythmists from Seattle came and performed parts of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”. Then Gideon Weick congratulated Waldorf School on their 100th Anniversary.
After that Patricia read the fairy tale of the ‘Queen Bee’ for us to perform in eurythmy. In this fairy tale a king’s two sons go out into the world to look for their fortune, but they end up in a wild life of partying. Their younger brother went out to look for them. When he found them his brothers made fun of him because they thought they were clever one, not him. Then the asthree brothers went out for adventure. First they came to an ant hill. The older brothers wanted to kill the ants but the younger brother said “Leave the creatures in peace.” So they went on their way and came to a lake where they found some ducks swimming in the lake. The two brothers wanted to catch them, but the younger brother said to them ”let them be.” So they carried on and came to a bee hive that was in a tree. The two brothers wanted to set a fire under the tree but the youngest said “Don’t burn the bees”. So they went on their way and came to a castle where some horses were standing. The three brothers went through all the halls until they came to a door that had three locks and they could see a grey man sitting at a table. The brothers called three times and the old man came and took them to their bedrooms. The next morning the old man gave directions to the eldest son to go out to the forest to look for 1000 pearls. Unfortunately he only found one hundred pearls so he was turned into stone. The next day the other brother took the same challenge and failed so he was also turned into stone. On the same day, the youngest went out and sat in the moss and wept. The King of the Ants and all the ants came up to him and thanked him for saving their lives. The next task was to find the princess’ bedroom key out of the lake. He was successful because the ducks thanked him for saving their lives by finding him the key. The third task was the most difficult because he had to decide which princess was the sweetest. The Queen Bee had to pick which princess was the sweetest and so with great difficulty the Queen Bee selected the youngest princess. The youngest brother married the young princess and the other two brothers got back their human form and married the other two princesses.

A special thank you to everyone who worked, performed and came to our performance.

Simpleton receives the key from the ducks he saved