This week in our Monday morning circle we started to sing our November songs. Monique announced that we are finally going into our winter program. She also said that all of the companions who were in the clay

workshop would move back to the basket workshop.

In the afternoon a small group of coworkers and companions went swimming and everybody else gathered in to Circle Hall and made lanterns for Saint Martin’s day.

Lanterns for St. Martin

Lanterns for St. Martin

horse web

St. Martin arrives with his horse

This week in our Thursday morning college Ruth O. told us about the birch tree. We learned that the birch tree is connected to the sound of A and it is also connected to the planet of Venus. The birch tree gives us beauty and brown leaves in the fall. We also learned that in Eastern Canada the natives build their canoes from the wood of the tree and also in the northern countries in Europe they use this wood for building furniture.

After our lesson about the birch tree we sang songs about Saint Martin.
After a short break Lorna’s bell choir practiced for our fairy tale.
In the afternoon we broke into our novel, clay, and eurythmy groups.

On Friday morning the coworkers practiced Christmas songs on the bells.
Also some of the companions acted out the story of Saint Martin.
After a short break Lorna’s bell choir practiced their bell playing for our fairy tale and everybody else worked in their workshops.
In the afternoon everybody went for a walk and then played basketball and