This week in our Monday morning gathering, we sang our November song,”Now we Sing November”. After that Mary read to us this week’s ‘Calendar of the Soul’ verse and then everybody shared their weekends. Then we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Hanieh and we welcomed our new volunteer Nicolas who came from Hanover, Germany. After that we talked about the weather and the stars.
In our Thursday morning College, we sang our Saint Martin songs. Then Liisi and Eliott talked to us about recycling. We learned how to recycle plastics and how to separate them into the three different categories which are the stretchy, bendy and others. We also learned that there are many countries around the world that don’t recycle such as Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam. Elliot also told us that most of our waste is thrown into the oceans which is very dangerous for the sea animals because they can get tangled up in it. Also they told us that it takes many years to break down the amount of waste that we throw out. After that Liisi and Eliott had us do an experiment with sorting recyclables.

We also had a visit from representatives of the Camphill Foundation of North America and the Camphill Foundation of Canada.

After a short break we practiced our fairy tale.
In the afternoon, we got into our clay, reading, writing, eurythmy, green man, walking, youth group and fairy tale group.

Here is a poster for our upcoming Fairy Tale production with the Vancouver Waldorf School.                We hope everybody will come!