This week in our Tuesday morning circle, Ruth T.welcomed everybody back from our Thanksgiving weekend. After that Ruth told us about EVOE. She said that EVOE is a cosmic greeting from heaven where the gates open up and it is like a big welcome in the morning. After that we looked at the weather, stars, sports and our Thanksgiving

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, we broke in to our eurythmy, painting, reading, writing, clay, singing and novel groups.

In our Thursday morning college, Patricia read and taught us about the history of Vancouver. To start off, we learned how to spell Vancouver.
After that Patricia told us the history of how and when the local First Nations people came to the area. We learned that they built their houses and canoes out of cedar. We also learned that many places in and around Vancouver have native names. Patricia also taught us about the first European explorers, Jose Maria Narvaez and George Vancouver, who navigated the West coast and discovered this land from the sea, and Simon Fraser, who navigated the river that would then be named after him. Then Patricia told us about the California and British Columbia gold rushes. She told us about Gassy Jack, who claimed to be Vancouver’s first permanent settler. During Patricia’s lesson, we looked at pictures of the earliest Vancouver buildings and about the changes that occurred. After that we talked about going on an outing to see historic Gastown.

After a short break, Lorna’s bell choir practiced their bell playing for our fairy tale.
On Friday afternoon one group went swimming and another group stayed at Circle Hall and practiced their eurythmy movements for the fairy tale.

HMS Discovery, Captain Vancouver's ship

HMS Discovery, Captain Vancouver’s ship