This week in our Tuesday morning gathering, we sang our Michael songs. After that John read to us this week’s ‘Calendar of the Soul’ verse and then everybody shared their Thanksgiving weekend. We sang Happy Birthday to Ruth T. and then we spoke about the stars and the weather. Ruth T. shared with us pictures that the grade 2 students drew as a thank you for the ‘Summer in the Park’ activities.
In our Thursday morning college, Ruth spoke to us about the days of the week and how they are connected to a certain planet. She also spoke about the days of the week, in three different languages such as French, Turkish and German. She also showed us the different symbols for the Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury.
Next, we spoke about Hallowe’en. To start off, Ruth T. told us that this year’s theme will be fairy tales throughout the seasons. She told us that each floor within Cascadia will have a fairy tale and a season to go with it. Then Gundula asked the companions from the basket workshop to come up to the front and tell everybody how we are going to represent winter. After that Gundula told the story of Mother Holle. Then Ruth told us the story of when we performed the Mother Holle fairy tale in 2014 that same night it started to snow.
After a short break, we practiced our bell playing and our fairy tale. In the afternoon, we got into our Green Man poem, novel, painting, exercise and fairy tale groups.

Poster from the fairy tale in 2014