This week in our Monday morning circle, we sang Happy Birthday to Ruth T. She told us that on Saturday night at Waldorf School, some of our companions, coworkers and parents were in the fairy tale of “Iron Hans” together with the participants in a medical conference led by Dr. Adam Blanning from Colorado.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings everybody worked in his or her workshops. In the afternoons, we broke in to our eurythmy, painting and drawing groups.

This week we had our first eurythmy lesson in the new great room across the street.                                                    What a difference it makes to have more space!



This week in our Thursday morning college, Monique introduced us to our new co-worker, Julia. Julia told us that she had a long twenty-six hour flight from Germany. Then, we started to plan for our Halloween party.
We talked about who will set up the lights, put out the pumpkins, build the tunnel and the barn. After that we started to talk about what our theme should be for this year and we decided to do Biographies of Scientists, Artists and Religious people.

After a short break some of the companions practiced their bell playing for our fairy tale while others did bowling with Gundula.

Friday afternoon, some companions went swimming and others stayed back and sang with Forrest.