Anthony’s Blog October 25, 2013

This week in our Monday morning circle, Ruth T. announced that this year’s theme for Halloween is going to be goblins and witches. She also told us to dress up as goblins or gnomes.
Our Halloween party will be on October 31 on our mosaic.

Halloween Post card 2013 web
After that everybody came up and told us about their weekend.
On Tuesday morning we practiced our Halloween poems and songs.

Wednesday morning, Brian Jones came to Circle Hall and gave us a demonstration on how to braid straw. To start off Brian gave us a history lesson. We learned that long ago people believed that the Gods of Fertility had the power to give a good crop or bad crop so the people would use straw from the old crop to make (Corn dollies) which was an offering to Gods. After that we practiced braiding straw from the oats and rye we harvested in our own garden .

This week in our Thursday morning college we practiced our Halloween poems and songs.
After a short break a small group of companions went to Gardenworks to pick up pumpkins for Monday night`s carving get together. Also Lorna’s bell choir practiced for the fairy tale. In the afternoon some companions went for a walk and played basketball and another group made Halloween decorations.

On Friday morning the coworkers practiced their bell playing for our fairy tale. On Monday, Tuesday and Friday afternoons we practiced our eurythmy movements.

October 26, 2013
On Saturday afternoon all our friends and families came to our Open House at Sophia House. During their visit everybody saw the new sewing, weavery and clay workshops. Visitors admired the improved deck, new storage space for costumes, improved kitchen space and new bathrooms. Also Jim and Patricia and other coworkers gave tours of the house and explained the changes that were made.

Meanwhile in Circle Hall Jeff, Aiden, William and Lorna and Anna Siradze entertained everybody with some music from their Cellos.