This week in our Monday morning gathering, Deepak read to us a poem called ‘October’ and then Gundula read the Calendar of the Soul verse. In Deepak’s feature of ‘Today in History’ he told us that in 1797 Andre Jacqures Gergerin was the first man to parachute out of a hot air balloon. In 1897 the very first car dealership opened in London. Deepak also said that in 1939 a professional football game was shown for the first time on NBC television. In 1979, Walt Disney World was visited by 100 million guests. After Deepak’s History feature, everybody shared their weekends and then Gundula and Scott spoke about last week’s weather and Ruth T. told us about the stars.
On Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon we got into our eurythmy and walking groups. In our Thursday morning College we studied the squirrel and raccoon family. Squirrels live in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Japan, New Zealand and Indonesia. The largest squirrel can be found in India, it measures three feet. The smallest squirrel is four inches. The squirrel’s diet is made up of beechnuts, acorns, chestnuts, walnuts, pine cones, insects and animals such as red backed salamander and luna moth. A squirrel will build his or her nest in the middle of a tree in order to avoid the predators like owls, hawks and eagles that come from above. They also avoid predators from below such as foxes, coyotes, snake and weasels. Squirrels’ tails are used for shade, warmth, communication, balance and an umbrella. Squirrels live for seven to eight years.
John A. and Steven H. Told us about the raccoon. First we sang the Rocky Raccoon song and then Steven told us that raccoons live in the forest, woods, and in the city. We learned that people should never have a raccoon as a pet because they are violent. They are also clever because they have good memories and can open doors, windows and garbage cans. A raccoon’s diet is made up of crayfish, frogs, fish and other fresh water animals.
After a short break we practiced our Christmas songs on the bells and in the afternoon, we did singing with Ashling. On Friday, we carved pumpkins and decorated the back yard.

Raccoons web

Stephen and John instruct us about the features of raccoons