Harvest table 2014 webOn Monday morning, we broke into different workshops and prepared for our Michaelmas celebration. One group made soup and buns, another group made stars and another group set up a harvest table.

In the afternoon, our family and friends came to Circle Hall to celebrate Michaelmas with us. To start off our celebration, Ruth T. played her lyre and we sang Michaelmas songs. Patricia showed us the stars on the harvest table and said they were like the shooting stars that come down from heaven at this time of year, and that they can give us strength and power in our hearts to do the deeds we need to do. Next William, Megan, John and Jason showed us the word ‘Michael’ in eurythmy.

After that we gathered into the dining room to eat the buns and the soup that Gundula made. We also ate the grapes that our neighbour gave us, and all the delicious quiches and salads that people brought to share. It was a delicious meal, and nice to sit down and talk together!

We would like to thank everyone who helped with preparing for this year’s Michaelmas celebration and also for everyone who came out and took part in our celebration.

In Thursday’s college, all the workshops showed what they had been doing before Michaelmas, to understand their craft.

On Thursday morning, Lorna’s bell choir practiced their bell playing for the fairy tale.
On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, we broke in to our garden, painting, reading, writing and clay groups.
On Friday afternoon, one group went swimming and another group stayed at Circle Hall to practice their eurythmy movements for the fairy tale.