Pumpkin carving (3) (640x480)

This week in our Monday morning circle, Monique announced that we are going to have a new co-worker from Germany.    We talked about the weather, stars, sports, our weekend and our plans for this week.

In the afternoon one group went swimming and another group practiced for the fairy tale.

For the rest of this week, we set up and decorated Cascadia House for Halloween.  All of the decorations were based on the theme of hobbits and dwarfs.   Our colored paper windows were decorated with cut outs of spiders, insects, trees and roots.  With the help of our parents and friends, we carved 100 pumpkins.  Then we placed them around the mosaic, on the front lawn and on the balconies.

On Friday evening, Jeff welcomed all the parents and children that came through the dark  but lit tunnel.   Laura made and served popcorn and hot apple cider.   Megan’s candle boats made  out of  walnut  shells were sent floating down Ruth’s creative man made river.  On the other side of  the  river,  Barbara had everyone bobbing for apples.   Last but not least, the basket workshop was turned into the Mother Nature Room where Patricia, Abigael, and Felix told stories and poems while Gundula played music. Thanks for coming and we hope everyone had fun.