This week in our Monday morning circle Ruth T. introduced us to Barbara’s granddaughter Alice who came from England with her mother Heather.

Then Takashi told us about his trip home to Japan. He told us that he visited family friends and old coworkers. He also took part in a ceremony for his grandfather who passed away seven years ago.

After Takashi told us about his trip to Japan, David and Marie- Reine thanked everybody for inviting them to our Camphill centre. They told us that they will be traveling around the world and visiting many of the Camphill places.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings we all gathered in Circle Hall and broke up into groups for activities. One group sorted seeds. Another group made raven masks for our fairy tale and the third group made straw stars for the Christmas fair.

Straw Stars sml

Stephen and Jun use a jig to make straw stars.

We have lots of sunflower seeds this year.

We have lots of sunflower seeds this year.


In the afternoons of Monday, Tuesday and Friday we practiced our eurythmy movements with the grade eight and twelve students of Waldorf School.

This week in our Thursday morning college, John taught us about the elm tree. We learned that the elm tree is the tree for Wednesday and it is connected to the planet Mars. Also we learned about the healing properties and its structure of food, gesture, healing and balanced character.

After a short break, we practiced our bell playing for our fairy tale.
In the afternoon Jason read to us the story of Iran Hans and then we played basketball.

On Friday afternoon some of the companions went swimming with the coworkers and everybody else stayed back and did eurythmy.