This week in our Monday morning circle, Aiden told us that he went to Toronto and took part in a Golf tournament. His team placed 6th over all. Also Marianne told us that during the summer, she and Louis visited friends and family in Switzerland. They also traveled to Italy.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings everybody worked in their workshops.


In our Thursday morning college, Patricia told us that she visited our friend Sebastian (who was one of our volunteer coworkers last year) in Bad Grӧnenbach, Germany. She saw his beautiful house in the country, with all the cows in the neighbour’s yard. She also visited the school that Sebastian used to go to. She saw the baroque church in the city of Ottobeuren. This church has lots of statues, gold and incense.

Sebastian in front of his house in Germany


After that she traveled to Switzerland and took part in a conference about anthroposophy or spiritual science. Then she traveled to Berlin to attend a conference about Kaspar Hauser’s 200th birthday. Patricia showed us pictures of Kaspar Hauser’s life.

After a short break everybody practiced the bells for our fairy tale which will be performed Friday, November 30, 2012.

In the afternoons, we broke into our eurythmy, clay, painting, novel, reading and writing groups.

Friday morning, Sean did an exercise class with us. In the afternoon, we all did singing with Forrest.