Puppet Image of the Will O' Wisps and the Ferryman crossing the river

Puppet Image of the Will O’  the Wisps and the Ferryman crossing the river

This week in our Monday morning gathering we sang our Michael songs and then we welcomed back our coworkers Justus and Felix. After that we talked about what we are going to do in College. We decided to learn more about the ‘Green Snake and Beautiful Lily’ by talking about two characters each Thursday. Then we talked about the weather, stars and our weekends.
In our Thursday morning college, David talked about the first two characters, who appear in the play ’The Ferryman’ and the Will o’ the Wisps. We learned that the Will o’ the Wisps were two beings who came from the spiritual world by jumping and flying through the air. They wanted to visit the Fair Lily so they woke up the friendly Ferryman and asked him if he could take them across the river to the other side. The Ferryman agreed but they would have to pay him with the fruits of the earth. The Wisps just laughed and shook themselves and gold came out of them. Finally the Ferryman took them across the river. The Wisps ended up at the chasm where they met the Green Snake who asked them,” Where did the gold come from?” They both laughed and told the Green Snake that she is of the horizontal line, but they are of the vertical line. This made the Snake feel uncomfortable and the Will o’ the Wisps left. Next the Wisps met four kings, one was of gold, another of silver , another of bronze and the last one was a mixture of all of them. Both Wisps decided to lick the metal off of the four kings. After that they came across a prince who was a sad son of the earth and who would die for Lily’s love. So the Wisps carried the prince to the other side of the river.
After a short break, we gathered into Circle Hall and John asked us the question, ‘how can you get something out of nothing?’ Some of us came up with a few answers such as imagination, scraps, ideas, a smile, a prayer, not wanting to talk about it, silence and preparation. Then we decided to see what it would be like to walk on air by not putting our feet down on the ground. We pretended that we were the Ferryman from our play and we walked from one side of Circle Hall to the other side passing the rod to the next person.