On Monday morning, John’s workshop built a castle made out of clay. Laura took pictures of everybody around it. The Fibre Arts and Garden companions worked in their workshops.

During our lunchtime break, I sat down with our new coworker Laura to interview her. I asked her “ Where was she born? What is her brother’s name? What was the name of the school she went to? What are her hobbies? What are your Mom and Dad’s names? Which workshops will she be working in this year?”
She answered, “ I was born on August 26, in Rotenburg an der Wümme, Germany. I have one younger brother named Arvid and my parent’s names are Adelheid and Hartmut”. I went to a private school called Eichenschule from grade five until grade twelve. I am trained as a life guard and my hobbies are swimming, roller-skating and making new friends. I am working in two workshops, the first one is candles from October until January and then I will work in the basket workshop until May”.

Thank you Laura for this interview.

On Tuesday, I interviewed another new co-worker named Vitor using the same questions.
He answered,“ I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil on November 26. I have one brother, Vinicius and my father’s name is Varner and my mother’s’ name is Rose. I went to a Rudolf Steiner, Waldorf school and I was there from grade one to grade twelve. My hobbies are playing sport,video games, going to the Gym and watching movies. I will be working in the basket work shop for four months and then I will work in the candle workshop.”

Thank you Vitor for this interview.

This week in our Thursday morning College, Patricia told us about the play called ‘The Tempest’ and we acted parts of it out. It is a comedy that was written by William Shakespeare. Patricia told us that the word ‘ tempest’ means storm in the old English language.The play takes places on an island in Naples, Italy.

After lunch we went to Bard on the Beach to watch this play. There was plenty of emotion – happiness, anger, violence and laughter. We had a great time!

On Friday morning,Lorna’s bell choir practiced the bells for the Mother Holle fairy tale. In the afternoon we practiced our eurythmy movements.