Monday morning, we gathered in the big room where Monique held a forum meeting. She announced that next week, we are starting our fall program. Then she told us who would be helping out in the different workshops.

After the meeting, we broke into our groups. The gardening group clipped greens, sorted seeds and worked with the compost. Another group sewed costumes.

On Wednesday, one group went to C-Dar farm outside of Squamish to work on the farm. Another group of companions went swimming.

Thursday morning, we had our first college class for the year. Patricia
talked about destiny. She told us that everybody has his or her own destiny.

After that Aiden and Patricia told us about Kaspar Hauser.

Kaspar Hauser

We learned that Kaspar Hauser was born on in Germany on September 29, 1812. His destiny is a mystery. The story goes that he was taken from his mother when he was a baby. When he was sixteen people saw him standing on a street corner in Nuremberg, Germany. No one ever taught him about the world around him so he had to discover for himself by seeing and touching everything. When he learned to speak and write he told that he lived in a jail. During this time, he played with his toy horse. His meals were only bread and water.
When he got out of jail he was looked after and taught by several people. On December 14, 1833, someone told him to go to the park because his Mother was waiting for him. When he got to the park someone stabbed him with a knife and he walked home. At first nobody believed his story but later in the day they saw that he was badly injured. Kaspar Hauser passed away on December 17, 1833.

Karl Koenig, the founder of the Camphill movement, has a strong connection with Kaspar Hauser and called him the patron of the Camphill Movement.
After we heard about Kaspar Hauser, Patricia showed us photos of his life.

After a short break, we practiced our bell playing for our fairy tale.

In the afternoons, we did eurythmy with Ruth T., games with Sean and singing with Forrest.