On Monday morning we gathered on the mosaic and sang Happy Birthday to our coworker Daniel.

On Tuesday I sat down with our third coworker Megan and asked her previous questions that I asked Laura and Vitor and her answers were:                                                                                                                                                     “I was born on April 26 in Vancouver British Columbia. I have one younger brother and his name is Ian and my mother’s name is Heather and my Dad’s name is Wayne. My hobbies are reading, writing and skating. I will be working in Kaspar House garden in the fall and then I will be working in home skills at Kaspar House during the winter time”. Thank you Megan for this interview.

In our Thursday morning college we had a two-part forum meeting. In the first part we looked back at our summer program and talked about the workshops that went on like: Clay, Gardening, Fibre Arts, Mosaics and Home Skills. We also talked about what activities we did during our program like piano painting, going up to Grouse mountain, seeing a baseball game and Bard on the Beach. Also we talked about our special weeks such as Music week and Eurythmy week. After that we talked about our Michaelmas celebration, which will be held on Monday September 29 from 4:30-6:30.

After a short break we returned to Circle Hall and Monique talked with us about what is going to happen during our fall program. She said that we would go back to our normal workshops. She also told us who will be working and supporting each workshop from September until our Christmas break and which companions are in which workshop. After that Monique talked to us about what activities are going to take place in the afternoons such as eurythmy, painting, reading and writing, clay, walking, and swimming. Ruth T talked to us about Michaelmas and we sang some of our Michaelmas songs.

On Friday morning everybody cleaned up their summer workshops and welcomed their new coworker into their fall program workshop. In the afternoons we practiced for our fairy tale, played games and went for a walk.

There will be a Celebration at Lonsdale Quay on September 28th to "close the piano", It is from 12-3 pm. We are invited!

There will be a Celebration at Lonsdale Quay on September 28th to “close the piano”, It is from 12-3 pm. We are invited!