This week in our Monday morning circle Ruth T announced that on Friday September 20 we would be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the foundation stone laying of the Goetheanum in Switzerland.

Also I introduced Caity to our program and told everybody that I went to school with her.

Also Monique told us about the 20th anniversary party that was held at Glenora farm. She told us that the celebration was wonderful and all of the speeches were wonderful also she said that she looked at some of the old photos of our Companions. And also she said that they celebrated Adola’s 80th birthday also.

In the after noon we practiced our eurythmy movements for the fairytale at Circle Hall.

This week in our Thursday Morning College we practiced for our celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Goetheanum.

After a short break we practiced our bell playing for our fairytale and also Abegael introduced us to some of her friends.

In the after noon some of the Companions did eurythmy in Circle Hall and the rest went for a walk.

This morning we all gathered into Circle Hall to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Goetheanum.

To start off Patrica and Ruth T. spoke a verse from the Saint John’s gospel and then a couple of our friends took part in calling the four directions in speech and in eurythmy. Also a couple of companions played the tones for the seven planets and Laurel and Jason did the eurythmy movements to each of the planets. And then a few of eurythmists did a spiral prayer with only two words AUM Amen and then we sang the Cascadia song and then John led us out with singing a Native American song from South Dakota called “Help us on your way” with the drum.

At 11:45 we had a ribbon cutting celebration for our new stairs.
Steven H. cut the ribbon and Ilay took a picture of all of us standing in front of the stairs.

Stephen cuts the ribbon

Stephen cuts the ribbon

First time up the beautiful new stairs

First time up the beautiful new stairs

Everybody gets a  turn

Everybody gets a turn

In the afternoon we gathered in to Circle Hall and practiced our eurythmy movements with the grade eight class.