This week in our Monday morning circle, we sang our Saint Michael songs.

 In the fall we celebrate the festival of St. Michael, the festival of "courage or "strong will". Here is a picture of Michael by Hans Memling. where Michael is pictured as an angelic warrior.

In the fall we celebrate the festival of St. Michael, the festival of “courage or “strong will”. Here is a picture by Hans Memling      (1430-1494) where Michael is shown as an angelic warrior.

Then we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Jason and Raymond. After that, we talked about the weather, stars and our weekends.
On Monday, Tuesday and Friday afternoons we practiced eurythmy for our fairy tale.
We broke into our painting, reading, writing, clay and art studio groups on Wednesday afternoon.
In our Thursday morning college, Ruth O. read to us from the book of Revelation. We heard the story about the apocalypse. In the story a woman was clothed with the sun and had a crown of twelve stars on her head. The woman was about to give birth to a male child in front of a dragon who was waiting to eat the child. When the male child was born, war broke out between the dragon and his angels and Michael and his angels. Michael and his angels won the war and the dragon and his angels lost their place in heaven.
After that we acted out the story. Some companions dressed up as the dragon, Mary was the woman wearing a crown of stars and Aiden was Michael.
Then Lorna’s bell choir practiced their bell playing for the fairy tale.
During our Thursday lunch break, I interviewed our new co-worker, Paula. Paula was born in April 1996 in Schwäbisch Hall and then moved to Thun, Switzerland. She has one sister and one brother. She went to Waldorf schools in Switzerland and Germany. Her hobbies are dancing, snowboarding, meeting new friends and reading. She came to Cascadia to experience new challenges.