This week in our Monday morning circle, Ruth T. told us about the series of Madonna paintings. The series consists of fifteen paintings of the Virgin Mother and Child. She also explained to us that the famous artist Raphael in Rome painted the series from 1506-1507 using only oil paint.

These paintings help children fall asleep when they look at the paintings and listen to music from the lyre playing with the candles burning.

After Ruth T. had completed explaining the Madonna treatment, John came up and told us about the walk for Reconciliation which was held last Sunday morning. He told us that the walk for Reconciliation was to apologize to the Native Americans who were treated badly in the Residential schools.
He also said that everybody had signs of support of how the Natives should have been treated.

In the afternoon we all gathered in Circle Hall and practiced our eurythmy movements for our fairy tale. On Wednesday and Friday we practiced with the grade twelve and grade eight Waldorf students.

This week in our Thursday morning college we sang songs about Saint Michael. Ruth O. told us about our two different bodies, our outer body and our inner body. She said that our inner body is for the winter because winter is peaceful and quiet and our outer body is for the summer.

After a short break we went to different stations and spent thirty minutes in each station. The first station that we went to was on the mosaic.

Creating the harvest table

Creating the harvest table

In this station Gundula and Jane and a couple of companions collected orange and yellow leaves and set up a table with them showing an autumn scene. Also we placed a pumpkin and a sunflower in the middle of the table.

In the second station we went to Circle Hall where Ruth T. and Patricia did eurythmy and recited the Soul Calendar verse and some of the companions did the movements. Also we were introduced to Ruth’s friends David and Marie-Reine who are both from England.

In the last station we went in to the dining room and painted pictures of the inner and outer body using warm and cold colours.

Michaelmas painting activity

Michaelmas painting activity

At twelve o’clock we had a very special harvest lunch on the mosaic. To start off we sang songs about Saint Michael and then we ate the wonderful pumpkin soup and buns that Gundula (and a couple of companions) made.

harvest meal web

Our harvest meal

After a short break everybody gathered in Circle Hall and we all sang songs and then Ruth T. did the Soul Calendar verse with a couple of companions wearing different colored eurythmy dresses. The colours that were shown were purple, red and blue.
After that we all went out side and took turns stirring the Biodynamic preparation for the garden.

On Friday morning everybody practiced his or her bell playing with Lorna.