On Tuesday morning we gathered in to Circle Hall to welcome our new co-worker Daniel who is from Germany.  Then we practised our Michael songs.  After that, Ruth T. announced that this week is Eric’s last week of work at our centre.  We talked about the weather forecasts and our activities during the long weekend. In the afternoon, some companions worked in our workshops and others went swimming.  On Thursday morning, we gathered in to our former sitting room to practice our bell playing with Lorna.   We are learning the new songs for our fairy tale performance.  On Friday morning we met on the mosaic to say good bye to Eric who will be working in a new program.  In the afternoon, the grade eight students from Waldorf came to Circle Hall to learn the new eurythmy for the fairy tale. Maria played the music for our eurythmy movements. At the same time some companions and coworkers went swimming.

Thanks Eric.... for all you have brought to Cascadia.

Thanks Eric…. for all you have brought to Cascadia.