Hi everybody! We hope you had a great summer.

We sure did at Cascadia and I would like to share with you six highlights.

To start off, Ruth T. held a one-week eurythmy camp at the Waldorf School. Every morning a small group of companions would arrive at Waldorf and would start with the traditional eurythmy exercise (IAO) and then we would practice our eurythmy movements for our next fairy tale performance. Also we practiced our bell playing during eurythmy.

Ruth and Mary move together beautifully

Ruth and Mary move together beautifully

Another highlight of this summer was our traditional Music week with Lorna. Every morning we would sit in a circle on our big mosaic and Lorna would play her guitar and we would sing along to the songs that she played like: ‘We gather here Together’, ‘Music alone shall Live’, ‘Land of the Silver Birch’ and a lot of other songs. During this time we also did some folk dancing. After a short break the bell players practiced their bell playing for our fairy tale and some did eurythmy.

Stephen and Lorna concentrate on their music

Stephen and Lorna concentrate on their music

Another big highlight for us was going to the baseball game at Nat Bailey stadium. At the game we all cheered for our ‘Vancouver Canadians’ and we also did the chicken dance with the other spectators.

Another highlight for us was our barbecue at Cates park. During the morning Gundula, Amber, Barbara and myself all walked around the sandy and rocky beach. We also put our feet in the cold water. All the others sat on the grass and enjoyed the sun. For lunch everybody ate hot dogs and had watermelon for dessert.

Our next outing for the summer was going to Second Beach to swim.
Most of our Companions and Coworkers swam in the pool while others watched.

Our very last outing for our summer program was going to watch the Royal Canadian Mountain police musical ride. Everybody enjoyed the performance and Ruth T. thought that the movements that the horses did were like eurythmy movements.
Even though we went out on a lot of outings we also did a lot of work.
To start off the mosaic group made fish mosaics because we are renovating our front yard at Sophia House. We are thinking about having a large mosaic of fishes for our design.
The clay group was hard at work making cups and bowls.

Raymond finishing his cup

Raymond creating his cup


Melina clay

Melina’s finishing touches

The gardeners were working hard planting potatoes, sunflowers, blueberries pumpkin seeds and all kinds of vegetables.

We had a great summer and we’re looking forward to the fall activities.