This week in our Monday morning circle, we sang Happy Birthday to Felix.

After lunch instead of dancing we all gathered in the big room and Maggie – a visitor from Australia who used to be in Camphill in England – gave us a lesson about people who have fetal alcohol syndrome. After that we watched videos about Australia. The first video was about the people and landscape and the second video was about Australian painting.

On Tuesday morning, we all worked in our workshops. In the afternoon we broke into our painting, clay and eurythmy groups.

On Wednesday morning the farm group worked at C-dar farm and everybody else stayed back and worked in their workshops. In the afternoon, we broke into our reading, writing and painting groups.

This week in our Thursday morning college, Gundula, Sebastian and I taught everybody about the history of jigsaw puzzles To start off, Gundula told everybody a story about three giants who found a picture. Each giant wanted the picture, so they fought over it. The judge took the picture away and cut it into small pieces and then everybody had to put it together. After that, I told everybody the real history of how jigsaw puzzles came to be. Jigsaw puzzles were invented in London, England in 1760 by an English mapmaker, John Spilsbury. He cut up a world map in order to teach geography. Puzzles were made out of wood or cardboard. A wood puzzle cost $1.00 and a cardboard puzzle cost 25 cents. During the Depression in the 1930’s, puzzles were a popular pass time because they were cheap, challenging and entertaining.

After college we had a meeting about our social goals. In the afternoon, we all went for a walk.

Friday morning, we sang Happy Birthday to Michael and Amy and then some of the companions went to Waldorf School to watch a fairy tale in eurythmy, performed by the Puget Sound Eurythmy Troop, with the children from the Vancouver Waldorf School. Everybody else worked in their workshops.
In the afternoon, some of the companions went swimming and everybody else stayed back and sang with Forrest.