This week in our Monday morning circle, Jeff announced that his sister had a baby boy over the weekend and they named him Mason.

In the afternoon, we all went to Summerhill and practiced our tango steps.

On Tuesday morning, the basket workshop worked outside in the garden. We broke into two groups; one group picked kale and the second group used willows to weave a fence. In the afternoon we broke into our clay, painting and eurythmy groups.

Wednesday morning, the farm group went to the Ecology Centre at the Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge. They looked at the exhibits and watched two short ecology films.

Back at the centre, everybody worked in their workshops.

In the afternoon, one group did painting and another did reading and writing.

This week in our Thursday morning college, Takash talked to us aboutoutdoor activities. He asked everybody, ‘What is an outdoor activity?’ Some answered hiking, swimming, running, football, walking, fishing, skiing, golf, and biking. After that Takash told us that he likes exercise. When he goes to Japan he likes to hike up Mount Fuji to watch the sun rise. He told us that Mount Fuji is 3,776 meters above sea level.

After that Aiden and Bogdan told us that it is very important to exercise in order to be healthier, fitter and more active.

After a short break we all went to Sophia house and practiced our music for Hansel and Gretel.

In the afternoon, John and Martha took the clay group to Sophia House to work on their projects. Everybody else went for a walk.

Friday morning, the basket workshop worked outside in the garden and everybody else worked in their workshops.

In the afternoon some of the companions went swimming and everybody else stayed back and sang with Forrest.