This week in our Monday morning circle, Fred announced that he placed third in a swimming competition. Also during our news report Sean announced that Whitney Houston passed away on Sunday, February 12th. Then Cely told us about her trip to the Philippines.

After a short break everybody worked in his or her workshops. In the afternoon, we all went to Summerhill where Hanna taught us polka steps.

On Valentine’s day, Wes dressed up as Cupid and handed out Valentine cards. Then we ate sweets. After that, everybody worked in their workshops.

After lunch we broke into our painting, clay and eurythmy groups.

On Wednesday morning, the farm group, Joe, Brian, Arash, Linda, Steven H. and John went to the C-dar farm in Squamish. Everybody else worked in their workshops.

After lunch, we broke into two groups. The first group did reading and writing with Sebastian and the second group did painting with Daniel, Hanna and Gundula.

This week in our Thursday morning college, Manijeh taught us some new words like I (Man), You (Shom) and He, She and it (OO). After that she reviewed the words that we have been practicing for the last couple of weeks. Then we danced to Persian music.

After a short break, we went to Sophia house and we practiced the bells for our spring concert. Meanwhile, back at the centre, Gundula worked on drawing roses with the rest of the companions.
In the afternoon, Monique’s novel group read ‘Peter Pan’ and John did clay with his group.

Friday morning, we sang the Camphill ‘Happy Birthday’ song to William and then we worked in our workshops. After lunch we ate Chocolate cake which was brought by William’s mother. Then we sang the traditional Happy Birthday song. After that some went swimming and everybody else stayed back and did singing with Forrest.