This week in our Monday morning circle, we sang Happy Birthday to Steven C. Then Ruth told us that Alexander the Great was born on the same day.

After a short break Gundula, Jule, John, Sherrene and myself went to the willow patch and we sorted the willows into different sizes.

Meanwhile back at the centre everybody worked in his or her workshops.

For dour of the days, Jade worked with her weaving group and Monique and Sebastian worked with their group making candles.

On Monday afternoon a group went to Summerhill where Ida taught us a new dance. Another group went for a walk to the park.

On Tuesday morning, Forrest led us in singing our spring songs. Also Ruth T.taught Arash how to play the lyre.

After lunch, we broke into our groups. One group did painting with Daniel and Hanna, another group did clay with John and Martha B. The third group went for a walk around the track.

Wednesday morning, the farm group went to C-Dar farm and everybody else stayed back and worked in their workshops.
In the afternoon, one group did painting with Gundula, Sean, Hanna and Daniel. The other group did reading and writing with Sebastian.

This week in our Thursday morning college we had another Farsi lesson in preparation for Carnival. Manijeh taught us how to say day and night. The word for day is rooz and night is shab.She also taught us how to count. After that she showed us how to write our names in Farsi and then she sang her National Anthem.

After her lesson, Ruth T., Manijeh and Monique met with us to plan our week’s preparation for Carnival. We’ve already made posters so on Monday, the 20th we will start decorating the house and on Tuesday,the 21st our Carnival will start at 10:30 am and end at 2:30 pm. During Carnival we will have Persian food, poems, dances and songs.

After a short break we went to Sophia house and practiced our bell playing for our spring concert. In the afternoon, John did clay with his group and Monique read a novel with her group.

During Friday morning circle, Charlotte read to us the Soul Calendar verse for this week and Ruth T.led some people did movement to it. Then everyone worked in their workshops and in the afternoon, Forrest did singing at the centre while some went swimming at the pool.