Get Involved

“The healthy social life is found when in the mirror of each human soul the whole community finds its reflection, and when in the community the virtue of each one is living.” Rudolf Steiner

Cascadia is all about people, each one with a unique contribution to make. Are you interested in joining us? You may want to come for a few months, a few years or a lifetime! You may want to live in, volunteer your skills, or help out an afternoon a week.

Whether you are contemplating a career in social therapy, or just want to get a glimpse of life in Cascadia, there are opportunities to work with us.


Volunteers from abroad typically come to Cascadia for one year. They are usually young people from North America and abroad, who come to live and work at Cascadia as volunteers. Companions and coworkers alike delight in meeting new volunteers with a diversity of backgrounds and abilities. They bring energy, enthusiasm, and sometimes questions that help the community to stay awake and aware of its social tasks. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate very short term live-in volunteers, e.g., high school students looking for an internship for a few months.

Typically, a volunteer will live in one of the Cascadia residences and participate in the daily life with the companions. This means helping with physical care, going on outings, household chores, and cultural activities. The whole household participates in the Cascadia Centre program, and the volunteer will be asked to help where necessary, in one of the workshops along with more experienced coworkers, or in common cultural activities. Live-in volunteers receive room and board and pocket money.

Each day at Cascadia brings new challenges, but there is also a strong network of coworkers to help carry them out. Most important is to have an attitude of mutual interest and respect, and the joy of living and working together in a vibrant, creative community.

Long term Coworkers

Many long-term coworkers began as short-term coworkers in Cascadia, or one of the over 100 Camphill Centres worldwide. They have training in education (especially special education) or the arts, and some have experience in various artisan crafts such as weaving or basketry. Others are trained in artistic and movement therapies.

All abilities are put to good use in Cascadia, from running craft workshops to celebrating festivals, to putting nutritious meals on the table. Some of the core group of coworkers share their homes with two or more companions; some are involved only in the Cascadia Centre program. People who wish to become house parents in Cascadia homes need experience with people with disabilities. A desire and ability to be part of the Cascadia Family Care Home network is necessary. Everyone in the long term coworker circle has a deep connection to the Camphill philosophy, and a commitment to the goals and responsibilities involved in carrying out Cascadia’s mission.

We are excited to meet new people! Send your resume and cover letter to to be considered for future job openings at Cascadia Day Program.

Local Community Volunteers

Cascadia’s urban setting makes it possible for local friends to come easily for an hour or two a week, or to help with special building or fundraising projects. Here are some areas where help is welcome:

  • Helping in skills workshops
  • Joining in the music and bell choir programs
  • Work projects in and around the houses
  • Sewing
  • Making refreshments for community events

Our ever-expanding circle of volunteers also includes our Board of Directors and those who serve on Board committees, as well as parents and families who help with our fundraising efforts.

For further information on working with us at Cascadia, please contact us at or call Monique Walsh at 604-987-3407.