This week in our Monday morning circle, Ruth T. told us that our house (Cascadia) was owned by someone in the logging industry before it was turned into a hospital during the 1950s. After many years, it became a private home again, until we moved in in 2004.

After a short break, the music group practiced their songs, ‘All Men Shall Be Brothers’ (Ode to Joy) and ‘Song of the Church Bells’. We are practicing for our Palm Sunday concert.

In the afternoon, we stayed at the centre and did ballroom dancing. We practiced our Tango steps.

On Tuesday afternoon, the eurythmy group did eurythmy and the painting group did painting.

On Wednesday morning the Farm group walked around Lonsdale Quay. Everybody else stayed back and worked in their workshops.

After lunch, we broke into our painting, reading and writing groups.

This week in our Thursday morning College, Manijeh and Mina came to the centre and gave us an introduction about Iran. We learned that Iran is in the Middle East. The map shows that Iran has the shape of a cat. Its ancient name was Persia. Also Iran’s capital is Teheran. After their introduction, we saw slides of Iran, and Manijeh told us about the places we saw.

After a short break we all went to Sophia house to practice the bells.

In the afternoon, some of the companions went for a walk and others stayed back and started to prepare for Carnival. We sat in the dining room and drew shapes and patterns from Iran.

Friday morning, everybody worked in his or her workshops.
In the afternoon, a group went swimming while others stayed back and sang with Forrest.