This week in our Monday morning circle, Ruth T. told us that people are coming from Glenora Farm and California for a community meeting, February 17-18, 2012.

In the afternoon, we stayed at our centre and did ballroom dancing and practiced our tango steps.

On Tuesday afternoon, we broke up into our groups. One group did painting with Gundula and Hanna, another group did clay with John and the last group did eurythmy with Ruth T. In eurythmy we practiced the consonants L and M.

On Wednesday morning, we sang Happy Birthday to Jeff. Then the farm group went to the store to purchase picture frames and everybody else stayed back and worked in their workshops.

After lunch we broke into our reading, writing and painting groups.

In our Thursday morning college, Manijeh came and taught us some more about Iran. We learned that Yazd is the oldest city in Iran. Yazd has a lot of old buildings, museums and artifacts. She showed pictures. There were many old and beautiful buildings, and some are still in use, like an elementary school where children still go to learn to read and write.

Iran is famous for its gold because it is soft instead of hard. We learned that Iran’s festivals are similar to ours. They celebrate festivals like our Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and in the spring they celebrate New Years. We also learned how to say some words in the Iranian language like Hello (Salaam) and Good bye (Choda Hafez) and water (aab).

During break time we all ate Iranian cake.

After break we went to Sophia house and practiced our bell playing. In the afternoon, we went for a walk around the track.

Friday morning, we sang Happy Birthday to Forrest and then called Gundula to wish her a Happy Birthday. After that, everybody worked in his or her workshops. In the afternoon, some of the companions went swimming and others stayed back and sang songs with Forrest.