This week in our Monday morning circle Aiden announced that he got second place in basketball over the weekend. Also in the morning, Ruth T., John and Michael P. went across town to cut willows.

After lunch, we went to Summerhill and practiced our Tango steps.

On Tuesday morning, Ruth T. told us that she is thinking about putting on a play called “The Good Friday Play”. This play is about twelve disabled people with different challenges.
In the afternoon we broke into our groups and one group did painting with Daniel and Hanna. Another group did clay with John and Martha B. and the last group did eurythmy with Ruth T.

Wednesday morning, we sang Happy Birthday to Marietta. The farm group went to the Waldorf School to help them tidy up the grounds and sidewalk for their upcoming Open House. Everybody else at Cascadia worked in their workshops. In the afternoon, one group did painting with Sean, Sebastian and Gundula. Another group did reading and writing with Jule.

This week in our Thursday morning college, we were introduced to Melody, a visitor from Wisconsin. Then Manijeh started her lesson about Iran.

She gave us a test on the words that we learned last week. After that she taught us the alphabet in Farsi. We learned that they don’t have the letter P.

She taught us new words like: Daddy (Baba), Hand (Dast), Leg (Pa), Hair (Mu), Face (Surat) and other words like ear, nose, mouth, teeth. Also we started to learn an Iranian dance. We are getting prepared for our Carnival on February 21, which will be about everything Persian.

After a short break we went to Sophia house and practiced for our spring concert. The concert will be at Summerhill and then we will walk from Summerhill to Cascadia where we will celebrate Cascadia’s 12th birthday.

In the afternoon, we gathered in to the back yard and celebrated Candlemas Then Michael told us that the ground hog didn’t see his shadow this year so spring is going to come early. Also he talked about the earth and the light coming from the earth.

Friday morning everybody worked in their workshop. In the afternoon, a group went swimming and everyone else stayed back and sang with Forrest.