This week in our very first Monday morning circle for 2012, Patricia told us about Marietta’s Papa’s memorial service. She also told us that a new Camphill will be opening in New York State called Camphill Ghent. After a short break, Marianne’s music group started to work on a new song called ‘Song of the Church Bells”. In the afternoon, we all went to Summerhill for our new season of ballroom dancing. Ruth T. started to teach us the basic steps of the Tango.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday morning, the basket workshop went to Kaspar House garden to cut and sort willows.

Tuesday afternoon, we broke into the three groups – painting, clay and eurythmy. During eurythmy, Ruth T. quizzed us on the Zodiac signs, sounds and gestures.

Wednesday morning, the farm group went to see Aiden’s artwork, which is exhibited in a show at the Ferry Building Gallery in West Vancouver.

In the afternoon, we broke up into our reading, writing and painting groups.

This week in our Thursday morning college, we had a forum meeting about what will be happening this year from now until the end of 2012. For starters, we talked about what we will be doing for our festivals.

For Carnival we will have a Persian theme with food, dancing and music. During Holy Week we will be learning about the history of Gold. On May 7th, we will take a trip up a mountain for Ascension and on June 22nd, we will go up to C-dar farm to perform our Saint John’s play. From July 21-29 some of the coworkers and maybe some companions will go to Vancouver Island for a conference called Living Gold. On September the 29th we will be celebrating Michaelmas.

After a short break, the bell choir practiced their new song ‘Amazing Grace’. In the afternoon, everybody went for a walk.

Friday afternoon, a group went swimming, while others stayed back and sang with Forrest.