This week in our Monday morning circle, Ruth T. talked about thresholds. She told us that the threshold is not just for life and death it is also for a change like the change in the season, for example from winter to spring or from summer to winter.

In the afternoon we all went to Summerhill and Barbara’s friends – Jessie, David, Nancy and Josie – introduced us to Scottish dancing. They taught us ‘The Chain’ and the ‘Jig’.

On Tuesday morning we sang Happy Birthday to Jule and then everybody worked in their workshops.
In the afternoon, we broke into our painting, clay and eurythmy groups.

Because of the cold weather on Wednesday morning, the farm group went to the airport to look at Native art. Everyone else stayed at Cascadia centre to work in their workshops.
After lunch, we went to our painting, reading and writing groups.

Since there was no college on Thursday morning, we all went to Sophia house and practiced for our spring concert. In the afternoon we broke into our clay, walking and novel groups.

Friday morning everybody worked in their workshop. In the afternoon, some companions went swimming at Ron Andrews pool. The rest of the companions stayed at the Centre and sang with Forrest.