This week in our Monday morning circle, Aiden told us that he sold sixty of his art cards at the Waldorf school spring fair. He also told us that he got an award in basketball.

In the afternoon we all stayed at the centre and did ballroom dancing with Sebastian.

On Tuesday morning, Sean did an exercise class with us and then Forrest led us in singing our springtime songs before we went to our workshops.

After lunch, we broke into our clay, painting and eurythmy groups.

On Wednesday morning, the farm group went to the West Vancouver Community centre and everybody else worked in their workshops.

In the afternoon, we all went for a walk around the track.

Everybody went to Sophia house and rehearsed for the spring concert on Thursday morning, so there was no college.

After lunch the clay group did clay with John and Martha B, while the others did painting, eurythmy and walking.
Also eight people from Vancouver’s Environmental Youth Alliance came to see our garden.

Friday morning, the garden group dug in the garden. Then they went to the Waldorf School and planted a garden with the school students.

In the afternoon some went swimming and everybody else stayed at the Centre and sang with Forrest.


Amber shoots a basket

Aileen and Bogdan cool in the pool