This week in our Monday morning circle, Ida told us about her cruise to Alaska.

In the afternoon, we broke into two groups; one group did dancing at the centre and the second group practiced for the ‘Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily’.

Tuesday morning, we practiced our songs for Saint John’s play. Then everybody worked in his or her workshops and the basket workshop went to Silver Harbour. That is where Alastair and friends – including some Cascadians – have made a beautiful garden like ours with willow fences. There we tried to find the nest that Jule made out of willows.

In the afternoon we participated in our painting, clay and eurythmy activities.

On Wednesday morning, the farm group went to C-Dar farm. Everybody else stayed back and worked in their workshops. After lunch we broke into our reading, writing, painting and card making groups.

On Thursday morning, we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Sebastian and then we split into six conversation groups. We talked about life, death, gold and light.

After a short break, we all went to Cleveland Dam for a nature walk in the forest to see the waterfall. We also had a picnic lunch on the hill.

Friday morning we sang Happy Birthday to Aileen and then everybody worked in his or her workshops. During lunch, Aileen brought cupcakes and we celebrated her birthday.

In the afternoon, our swimming group went to the pool and everybody else stayed back and sang with Forrest.