This week in our Monday morning circle, Ruth T. told us that 225 people came to see our Art in the Garden last weekend. People seem much more interested in vegetable gardens than they were when we started 5 years ago. Also, many of our guests had seen or heard of our fairy tale. Today our gardeners are invited to go and see the other gardens.

After a short break, Marianne’s music group learned a new song called ‘Hallelujah’.

In the afternoon, we all went to Kaspar house to see the vegetable beds and then we went for a walk. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday morning everybody worked in their workshops. In the afternoon everyone did their group activities.

This week in our Thursday morning college, Ruth T. taught us about the angel Uriel, who is the archangel connected with the St. John’s time. The angel Gabriel is the angel for Christmas, Raphael for Easter, and Michael for Michaelmas.

After a short break, we practiced for our Saint John’s play.

In the afternoon, we broke into two groups. One group worked in the garden and the second group did clay.

Today I would like to highlight two of our coworkers who came to Cascadia from Germany in the summer of 2011.

Hanna came from Freiburg. She enjoys working at Cascadia especially playing bells with the companions, going for walks and working in the garden. Her biggest challenge was getting used to life without her younger brother, Vancouver’s many rainy days and living in another country. On the weekends, she enjoys biking, hiking, skiing and touring Vancouver. She says Vancouver is like paradise – beautiful mountains, ocean and fantastic beaches.

Jule comes from Frankfurt, Germany. Jule has two sisters and two brothers, so she is very used to being surrounded by many people. She enjoys sewing and basket weaving. Jule says that she feels like she’s at home because Vancouver is similar to her hometown. She loves Vancouver’s amazing setting and enjoys its green scenery.

Both coworkers are returning to Germany in the summer. We will miss them.