Hello and welcome back to our Cascadia centre. We hope that you had a wonderful holiday. On Tuesday morning we all put on our costumes and we practiced our ‘Three Kings’ play. In the afternoon we broke up into our groups. One group did painting, another group did clay and the last group did eurythmy. During eurythmy, Ruth T. taught us about the colour red and had us draw what the colour red looks like in a form. Wednesday morning we practiced for our ‘Three Kings’ play. After a short break we worked in our workshops. The basket workshop worked with clay and they built a model of the three kings going to Bethlehem and giving the three gifts of myrrh, frankincense and gold to Jesus. In the afternoon we broke into our groups – one group did reading and writing and the other group did painting. On Thursday morning we had a meeting about ‘what is our vision for 2012?’ Some people said they would like to set up a teahouse and have tea and cookies. Others said that they would like to perform more plays. After a short break we performed our ‘Three Kings’ play. In the afternoon, everybody went to the garden and cut willows and sorted them in groups of different sizes. Friday morning, the three kings took all of the decorations off the Christmas tree.



They took the tree outside and everybody followed them singing “We Three Kings”. Also this morning, one group made apple sauce while another group took all of the Christmas songs out of the blue song books. In the afternoon, we stirred the preparation, sang the ‘Three Kings’ songs and ate apple sauce.