This week in our Monday morning gathering, we sang our Spring songs. Then we talked about the weather, stars, sports and our weekends.
In our Thursday morning college, Bogdan told us about Hiram who was a master builder in ancient Jerusalem. At the age of fifteen, Hiram’s father gave him a hammer and taught him how to design, plan and build buildings. By the time he was twenty two years of age, he was a master builder. At that time, King Solomon hired him to build his temple. While Hiram was building the temple, Solomon became jealous of Hiram’s excellent workmanship. Solomon was also jealous of Hiram because Hiram had fallen in love with the Queen of Sheba. So Solomon fired Hiram and hired three other men to work on the temple.
After hearing about Hiram, we talked about apprenticeship which is learning a trade while working for a master tradesman. So John let us take turns hammering nails into a stump of a tree.

Stained Glass window of Hiram the Builder at St.John's Church, Chester, England

Stained Glass window of Hiram the Builder at St.John’s Church, Chester, England