This week from Monday to Friday, we had our yearly Summer Music program with Lorna Fortin.

Every morning, we started off with hand and rhythm exercises. Then we sang songs like ‘Land of the Silver Birch’, ‘Music Alone Shall Live’, ‘A Kangaroo Sat on an Oak’, a Nova Scotia folk song and ‘You are my Sunshine’.  After that, we practiced two folk dances, ‘Tumba, Tumba’ and ‘ Basket’.








Monday, after a short break, we broke into three different groups; one group did Bell practice for the fairy tale, another group clipped branches and the last group drew and painted pictures. After lunch we again broke into groups. One group played kick ball, another group worked in the garden at Kaspar house and the last group did drumming.

On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon – we all went to the park to dance and to play the drums, flute, marachas and more.

Aiden and William led the drumming with the two big native drums.

We really enjoyed our music week.