This week in our Monday morning gathering, we sang our Advent songs and then John read to us this week’s ‘Soul Calendar verse’. After that everybody shared their weekends. In our feature of ‘Today in History’, Deepak told us that in 1791, the very first newspaper was published. Also in 1881 the very first edition of the Los Angeles Times was published. In 1923 the first movie version of the Ten Commandments came out. And in 2013 Xavier Bettel became the first President of Luxembourg. After listening to Deepak we talked about the weather and the stars In the afternoon we practiced our ‘Paradise Play.’
In our Thursday morning College, we continued our Advent series on mother, father and child. Patricia asked us what word comes to mind when you think of the word ‘mother’. Some said: kind, loving, patient, protective and beautiful. Then Gundula spoke about being a mother and raising children. After that we looked at pictures of fairy tale mothers and the Virgin Mother Mary holding her child. Then we got into our four groups and talked about our own mothers. After a short break we practiced for our ‘Shepherd’s Play’.
On Wednesday afternoon we got into our Fibre Arts, Paradise Play, Reading and Writing, Swimming and Art Studio groups. On Thursday afternoon we gathered into our same groups, while our parents attended a Tea Craft Fair. On Friday afternoon we practiced for our ‘Paradise Play.