Japanese Carnival

On Tuesday morning from 11:00am until 2: 30pm, our friends and parents came to our yearly carnival, which was held at Circle hall in Sophia house.
This year’s theme for carnival was Japan. To start off, Takashi welcomed everybody to Japan and then we sang Japanese songs. Takashi’s friend Rick taught us one of their popular songs. He first sang it to us and then we sang it altogether. We also sang the Frog song and a couple of companions hopped like frogs.

Then Patricia told us a Japanese story about a ‘Hare and a Crocodile’. It was about the hare who wanted to cross the river so he tricked the crocodile into giving him a ride on his back.

After the first part of our carnival, we then had a special lunch that was made by our Japanese parents. We ate miso soup with tofu, sushi and cupcakes decorated with the colours of the Japanese flag.

After lunch, we went back to Circle Hall to play a game called ‘Making Rice’ and then we did our Japanese dancing.
We would like to thank all of you for coming to our carnival and for the parents who made the lunch and also to Takashi for teaching us about Japan and for organizing our Carnival.

On Wednesday and Friday morning, everybody worked in his or her workshops.

On Thursday morning a small group of companions went to the Waldorf School to watch a play by the grade six class called ‘Androcles and the Lion’.
This play took place in 15th century in Rome. The play was about a girl named Androcles who was very afraid of the lion. The lion roared because he had a thorn in his paw which was very painful. Androcles removed the thorn and ended up being friends with the lion.

After a short break we practiced our bell playing while Romeo played his violin and Drew played the piano.
In the afternoons, we broke into our painting, reading, writing, eurthmy, novel, swimming and singing groups.