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This week in our Monday morning circle, Fred announced that he and Joe won gold in freestyle swimming at U.B. C. Also Ilay announced that our Canadian hockey team won gold in the hockey game on Sunday morning.

Then some companions told us about their weekends.
In the afternoon we did Russian dancing and singing with Jane.

In our Thursday morning college, we had a followup session to last week’s college on the stained glass windows in the Fraumunster in Zurich, designed by Marc Chagall. Different people had taken on tasks related to these windows, which tell the stories from the Old Testament.

I read out the Ten Commandments and explained what they meant. Then Mary came up and told us the story of the prophet Jeremiah, who warned people not to worship idols and he warned them that Jerusalem and the kingdom of Judah will be taken over by powers from the east. After that Ilay and Linda told us the story of Joseph and his brothers and how his father favoured Joseph. The brothers were jealous so they sold Joseph to merchants who took him to Egypt. Because he was able to interpret dreams he became an advisor to the pharaoh and he was able to help his father and brothers during the famine. After this Ruth T. showed us five stained glass windows that pictured stories from the Old and New Testament starting from the Prophets to Moses and the Ten Commandments, to the crucifixion to Jesus on the cross and then to the Apocalypse which shows what the future will bring.

Close to the end of our college we heard the story of David and Goliath and then we sang ‘Truly I shall send my Angel to go before me.’

After a short break, Lorna’s bell choir practiced their bell playing for the spring concert.

On Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, we broke into our eurythmy, painting, reading, writing and novel groups.
On Friday afternoon, we gathered in to Circle Hall and practiced for the last time our Russian dancing and singing with Jane, before our Carnival next week.