This week in our Monday Morning circle, we practiced our songs for Candlemas. In the afternoon, Takashi’s friend, Ya Yolsan came to Circle Hall and told us several stories in mime. We then took part in playing games using mime.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday morning everybody worked in his or her workshops.

This week in our Thursday Morning College, Ya Yolsan came to show us traditional Theatre masks that she had made. We learned that Theatre masks have been used in Japanese theatre since the 1400’s. Ya Yolsan
showed us masks of different characters from a young girl, middle-aged woman, an older woman, a young man and a donkey. Then she taught us a Japanese dance.

After a short break, Takashi taught us how to count in Japanese.
We learned that
One is ichi Six is rocku
Two is ni Seven is shichi
Three is san Eight is hachi
Four is shi Nine is kyuu
Five is go Ten is juu

After our lesson about counting, we again practiced our Japanese dance.

Then Nicolai, one of our coworkers, gave us a piano concert.

In the afternoon, we broke into our eurythmy, painting, clay, reading, writing, novel, swimming and singing groups.