This week in our very first Monday morning circle of 2015, Ruth T. and some of the companions lit candles on the Christmas tree while we sang our Three Kings’ song. After that Ruth T. talked to us about the twelve nights of Christmas and how the first night of Christmas which is the 24th is the most special and holy of all nights. Then some of the companions told us about their Christmas holiday. At the end of our meeting John and a few companions extinguished the candles on the tree.

After a short break, we practiced the second half of the Three Kings’ play.

Our Three Kings’ Day Celebration
On Tuesday morning we welcomed the Three Kings by singing ‘We Three Kings of Orient Are.’ After that Aiden (Caspar), Norbie (Balthazar) and Felix (Melchior) took down the Christmas tree decorations. Then we followed them as they took the tree outside.
After that Felix wrote the initials of the three kings (C.M.B.2015) on the wall. After a short break, we put our costumes on and performed the play.

King Herod, was a mean and jealous king who invited the Three Magis to a banquet. Herod (Stephen C.) wanted to know where the new baby was born. After dinner the Magis were guided by a star to the city of Bethlehem. When they got to the manger where the baby was born, they presented him with gifts. Caspar gave baby Jesus frankincense. Balthazar presented the baby with the gift of myrrh and Melchior gave gold. That night, the three magi dreamt that King Herod wanted to kill the new born baby, so instead of returning to King Herod, they took a different path back to their homeland. When King Herod realized that the Kings were not returning to tell him where baby Jesus was, Herod decreed that all children under the age of two were
to be killed. The play ended with the devil taking Herod to hell.

Adola Mcwilliam telling us wonderful stories of her life

Adola Mcwilliam telling us wonderful stories of her life

In our Thursday morning college, our very good friend Adola came to Circle Hall to tell us about her life. She recalled memories from her childhood to her teenage years of going to the Waldorf School and studying different languages like French, German and Polish. She also learned how to paint. She told us that after she left school she wanted to become a Doctor so she tried to learn chemistry but she couldn’t pass the course. During that time, she met Dr. Schweitzer and Dr. König and she told them that she wanted to become a Doctor. They both asked her if she was any good in chemistry. She said, “no.” They asked her, “Why do you want to be a Doctor?” She answered, “To care for people.” They both said, “Then go to Camphill and you can look after people there.” So she traveled to Scotland to look after children and then she came to Pennsylvania,to Vancouver, and then finally to Vancouver Island to start a Camphill called Glenora Farm. We also learned that she was one of the first settlers of Camphill when it first opened. After hearing Adola’s life story, Patricia showed us an old photo of when Adola was a young woman.

After a short break, Lorna’s bell choir practiced their bell playing and for the first time ever in twelve years Marietta played a bell. This was a huge milestone for her and we are very proud of this.
On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, we broke in to our painting, reading, writing, clay, walking and form drawing groups.