This week in our last Monday morning gathering, we sang our Summer songs and then we talked about the weather, stars, sports and our weekends. In the afternoon our parents came to Circle Hall to watch the Cascadia Academy perform the ‘Once Upon a Time’ play that was written by Canadian playwright Irene Watts.
On Tuesday morning, our former coworker Brigitte came and introduced us to her new baby boy Jonah.
In our last Thursday morning college, we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Lorna and Laurel and then we practiced our Saint John songs. After that a visitor from Camphill, California came and told us about her life and how she wants to become a nurse in Camphill instead of in a hospital. After that Ruth T. told us about the background of the Saint John play.
On Friday morning everyone drove to C-Dar farm where we performed our Saint John’s play in the beautiful sunshine. After our performance we ate our lunch near a small bonfire by the creek. Everyone had a great time.

3 players getting ready for their role in the St. John's Play at C-Dar Farm

3 players getting ready for their role in the St. John’s Play at C-Dar Farm