Marie-Reine tells us about different sounds in her presentation on hearing

Marie-Reine tells us about different sounds in her presentation on hearing

Aiden tries to guess the meaning of Sim's Hindi word

Aiden tries to guess the meaning of Sim’s Hindi word

Polish isn't easy to understand!

Polish isn’t easy to understand!

This week in our Monday morning gathering, we sang our May songs and then Marie-Reine read to us this week’s ‘Calendar of the Soul’ verse. Lina told us about May Day in Europe. Then Deepak explained that today in 1707 Scotland and England joined together to form Britain. Also in 1939, President Hoover opened the Empire State Building in New York city. Lastly in 1967 Elvis Presley married Priscilla. After that everybody shared their weekends and then we talked about the weather and stars. Marie- Reine read this week’s Newsletter to us. In the afternoon we did Maple Leaf dancing in Circle Hall.
In our Thursday morning College, we learned about the sense of hearing and the sense of word. Marie- Reine performed some experiments. In her first experiment Patricia played a very low tone on the piano and we had to figure out where in our body, we felt it the most. Some said they felt it in their bones, other said their head and others said their feet. In the second experiment Lina went behind a curtain and made some noises using wooden spoons, glasses and musical instruments. While she was making these sounds, we had to guess what the sound was. After that we sat in silence for five minutes and tried to hear different sounds. Then we shared what we heard. One person said slippers sliding across the floor , another said birds singing and a car driving by. After Marie- Reine’s lesson, Megan talked to us about the sense of word. She said that language is also a sense. We talked about how listening is a big part of language and understanding. After that a few people came up to the front and spoke in different languages . Everybody tried to understand what they were saying. Then we learned some new phrases in Polish, German and Spanish.
After a short break, we gathered into Circle Hall and practiced our bell playing for our play ‘Parsifal’.
On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, we broke into our eurythmy, painting, reading, writing, clay, swimming, games and dancing groups.