This week in our Monday morning circle, Lorna led us in singing our November songs. We also talked about the weather, sports and our weekend.

After a short break, we broke into different groups. One group played games and another group did bowling.
In the afternoon we all gathered into Circle Hall to try on our costumes for our fairy tale.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, we broke in to our eurythmy, painting, reading, writing and novel groups.

In our Thursday morning College, we continued our block on railroads.
Ruth T. told us about Rudolf Steiner. She told us that Rudolf Steiner was born in 1861 in a train station in Austria. During his childhood he had a love for trains. He had special powers when he was a little boy. He could see and feel invisible beings like angels and his aunt who died when he was nine years old. After that Ruth told us what the meaning of eurythmy is. Eurythmy means good, well, and beautiful movements. Ruth also told us about EVOE, a special eurythmy form. EVOE was invented in 1912 and was first used in eurythmy performances in the same year.

Ruth then talked to us about fairy tales. She said that every fairy tale is like a different dimension where you are transported into an invisible world that is not our everyday world. In the Mother Holle fairy tale, the character of Mother Holle is more of a spiritual being than someone we would meet in everyday life.

Mother Holle in her world

A depiction of Mother Holle in her world

On Thursday and Friday, Lorna’s bell choir practiced the music for our fairy tale. In the afternoon one group went swimming and another group stayed at Circle Hall and practiced our fairy tale eurythmy movements.