Fred and Ilay make their comments

Fred and Ilay make their comments

William, Aiden and Jeff opened up our Tuesday morning circle by playing some classical music. Then Jim told us that since last Friday everybody went to see the Rainbow Warrior, he would now tell us about the ship’s history. The Rainbow Warrior was built in Germany for the organization named Greenpeace that started here. Greenpeace is an advocate for a clean environment. We were given a tour of the ship and Greenpeace t-shirts.

After that we sang Happy Birthday to Ruth T. and then everybody told us about his or her Thanksgiving weekend.

This week in our Thursday morning college Monique told us about her trip to Pennsylvania. She told us that she went to a craft meeting for Camphill.
Then she visited the people who are working in the Camphills and saw the different activities that they do. She found out that most of their activities are the same as ours except that they emphasize woodwork, weaving, candlemaking and cheese. They don’t do any basket weaving.
She showed us pictures that she took during the two weeks that she visited the different Camphills like Beaver Run, Beaver Farm and Copake.

After a short break everybody practiced his or her bell playing for the fairy tale.

On Friday morning Ruth T. introduced us to Patricia’s old friend Doctor Richard Fried who works at Beaver Run. They talked about the past and all the people who worked there and in Camphill. He has been the medical doctor for the Camphill places in Pennsylvania for over thirty years, and he has come to be the keynote lecturer for the medical conference that is taking place on the weekend.

In the afternoon we practiced for our fairy tale with the grade eight students from Waldorf High School.